Custom cut with hot towel razor edge up or head shave with steamer & hot towel. Premium beard trim with face steamer, hot towel, cold towel & beard fade or full clean shave with face steamer, hot towel & cold towel. Shampoo, hair product, beard product & style.




The Gentleman Haircut

Custom Cut | Steam Towel | Razor Edge Up | Full Shave | Cold Towel | Shampoo | Product & Style 

The Gentleman haircut is our version of a full-on haircut experience. Our Gentleman cut provides you with a custom haircut, your way that will keep you looking clean and sharp. A steam towel to help open your pores and a clean and crisp razor edge up shave. We also know how good it feels to have a freshly steamed towel on your face and we are more than happy to make you feel relaxed and at ease. You also get a full shave with a cold towel compress and we shampoo and style your hair using our products. Walk out of our Midtown Barbershop knowing you look great and feeling even better.

What is a custom haircut? 

Everyone has a different shaped face and different type of hair in density and thickness. This diversity is what helps us make you stand out. A great haircut is a lifestyle, a daily reminder of confidence self-worth. We make sure to even and balance your style out according to your needs and hair. We take the texture of your hair into consideration, how much time and energy you want to put into your final style and we analyze the shape of your face to really help you stand out and look great. Our goal is to make you proud of what you look at in the mirror every day and to be sure to give you a great style and walk out of our Houston barbershop feeling confident.

Our Barbers are here for you and we listen to your wants and needs.  Plus, we’re good at also giving you suggestions if you’re not sure what style or look you want to go for.


Use our O’Douds products to help you maintain your new cut. Spray into your hair while it’s damp and follow it with the Clean Finishing spray to hold it in place and allow it to air dry.


We are proud to carry some of the finest hair and beard products in the market. O’Douds products are made from great quality, natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients. Their ingredients are simple, effective, good for you, and good for the earth. They do not contain harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, parabens, or phthalates.


Curly, Thin-to-Thick, Wavy, Texture

Image of Barber styling a customers' hair