The local Barber shop has been around for centuries.  It’s been known as a safe haven for men and a place to go to get to know each other, laugh-it-up, talk politics, relationships and even talk about health.  Sometimes men would just visit to just build a sense of community around them and to build long-lasting friendships with those around them.

We have heard many stories about how men have felt out of place when visiting a unisex hair salon because of the smells in the room or because they felt there were a lot of women and were feeling a bit outnumbered.  They claimed that something was missing for them and they couldn’t quite pinpoint it. They would walk out feeling as if their errand was complete and would simply move on to their next chore for the day. If your haircut feels like a chore, you’re doing it wrong!  

There’s nothing like a classic Barbershop environment

We set out to bring back the original barbershop look and feel in today’s modern environment. We put a lot of thought into our shop’s design and being that we’re right next to a boxing gym, we figured we would go all out for our customers to be relaxed in a manly environment. You don’t know what you’re missing out on until you come and see for yourself. The feeling of walking into a barbershop is like no other. You won’t get that smell of chemicals when you walk into our Houston Barbershop but you will get a warm smile and a great barbershop experience! Everyone is welcome in our barbershop and we’re excited about returning customers. We invite you to take a seat in our classic and comfortable barber chairs and see for yourself. 

Straight Razor Barbershop

Our barbers are all skilled and trained and seek perfection with every cut. We have a 5-star rating for a reason and it’s because we don’t settle for less.  It doesn’t only start with our sharp skill set, it’s also in the personality. Give that straight razor shave a chance and see for yourself how much you like it.  We want to fit the profile for you so that you can walk in and expect an excellent experience and walk out with confidence and a great haircut and shave and a few new friends. We strive on your satisfaction so our bar is set high and remains high so that you come back to us every time. Our classic throwback atmosphere that blends the tradition and nostalgia of the classic barbershop is what makes the difference in your barbershop experience. 

We believe that every man deserves to be well groomed by a professional barber in a masculine, comfortable environment.