Listen up gentlemen, you have a lot of options out there but we’ll give you a few determining factors on why you need the Cuts & Bruises experience in your life.  

We’ve got style

If we’ve got style, you’ve got style. We know that your hair is much more complicated than just telling us you want to keep your hairstyle long or short. You might not even know what you want to do to that mop of hair pile on your head and want options. Deciding for you might be the hardest thing on the planet but fear no longer, you’re in good hands. From pompadours and trims to buzz cuts and blowouts, our barbers will help guide you to the handsomeness you’ve always dreamed of so you can find the perfect match for that devilishly handsome face of yours. We’ve got the best men’s haircut in Houston you can find in a manly environment.

Mens’ haircuts are personal and telling. We know you’re vain and want that wind-blown hair to appear natural so we set out to give your head some character with a full-volume top that comes styled, tall and short on the sides or faded.

Not your style? That’s okay, we’ve got a cut for you no matter what your style is, such as a modern bowl cut with a straight cut fringe and the sides and back of your hair cut to the same length. A Caesar cut for short hair gives you straight cut bangs and appears short on top, on the back and on the sides. How about a buzz cut all around so we can focus on that manly beard you’ve been growing out for months that needs attention.

No matter what your style is, we’ve got the look you want to remain confident in yourself.  The look that says “Watch out, here I come” We have the look you deserve that will get you more swipes on Tinder. The look of confidence will get you that job or that raise you’ve been asking for. Stay confident my friends.

Ten Reasons why to Visit our Midtown Barbershop in Houston

  • Manly barbershop

  • Professional barbers
  • Best hair products

  • Beard trimming

  • Facial treatment in a manly way

  • Hot steam towels
  • Comfortable chairs
  • We throw parties and invite you
  • Entertaining environment
  • Confidence gained